La Trappe Quadrupel ABV 10% (4 x 1500ml) Magnum

La Trappe Quadrupel ABV 10% (4 x 1500ml) Magnum

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Our Trappes Ales 

La Trappe is genuinely brewed ale. But it tastes of more than that. When you taste it carefully, you recognise the most important ingredient that is inextricably connected to the monks. The tranquillity.

In 1991, The Koningshoeven brewery baptized her beloved Quadrupel under the approving glance of the monks. A closely guarded recipe became reality, and the first Quadrupel beer in the world was born.

4 x 1500ml

Colour: Warm amber-coloured with a crème-coloured head.

Aroma: Hints of cloves and nuts, balanced by the sweet aromas of vanilla, raisins and banana.

Taste: La Trappe Quadrupel is the heaviest ale of La Trappe Trappist ales and is eponymous of this ale style. A full, warming and intensive taste. Malty with the sweet tones of date and caramel.

Aftertaste: Smooth and light bitter aftertaste.

Features: First Quadrupel in the world