La Trappe Blond ABV 6.5% (6 x 750 ml)

La Trappe Blond ABV 6.5% (6 x 750 ml)

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Our Trappes Ales 

La Trappe is genuinely brewed ale. But it tastes of more than that. When you taste it carefully, you recognise the most important ingredient that is inextricably connected to the monks. The tranquillity.

6 x 750ml  

Colour: The La Trappe Blond is gold in colour with a white foam collar 

Aroma: Fruity and refreshing aromas that go well with the sweet aroma of malt and aromas that makes you think of spices.

Taste: La Trappe Blond is an agreeable, tingling ale with a slightly sweet, softly bitter and malty taste.

Aftertaste: A lively aftertaste that combines sweetness with smooth bitterness.

Features: Agreeable ale with a rich taste


Gold Award 2019 - Dutch Beer Challenge 
Gold Award 2018 - European Beer Star
Gold Award 2018 - Brussels Beer Challenge